Bruce Mahalski


Artist, Activist and Museum Director

As well as being a practicing artist, Mahalski is also the director of The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery in Dunedin which contains his large collection of skulls, ethnological art and interesting local historical ephemera.

It also has a gallery where people can buy his trademark bone sculptures as well as paintings, prints, masks and books which are also produced by the artist.


Supreme World of Wearable Art (WOW) Award Runner-up and Aotearoa Section Winner

In collaboration with Wellington artist, Fifi Colston 


Solo-show ‘Seeds of Life’

At the Forrester Gallery in Oamaru


Documentary ‘The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery’

By film maker, Declan Wong


‘Seeds of Life' - A book about Mahalski's art

Written by Craig Hilton and Mahalski, published by Rim Books


The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery opens

Mahalski’s collection of skulls and ethnological art and a gallery full of his bone sculptures


Bone art exhibitions

At the New Zealand Art Show in Wellington and Paul Nache Gallery in Gisborne


Well known art collector, James Wallace

Purchases the second bone machine gun after significant internet exposure 


First full exhibition of bone sculptures

Part of the ‘Environmental’ show at Exhibitions Gallery in Wellington


First bone sculpture is created

For the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ exhibition at the Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington

The Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski

Our modern concept of beauty is both biologically and culturally determined.

Unknown 2 368 45
Life-size portrait bust of a warrior with spines on head from a Snapper

Kiribati Warrior 2014

Ovis Dei 147
Bust with the face of a young woman made from crushed bone (rear view)

Oves Dei 2015

Unknown 368 46
Life size bust with the face made from the skulls of two very large snapper

Te Hopu 2017

Bruce Mahalski

Bruce Mahalski

Some people might consider it ghoulish to collect bits of dead animals but to me it isn’t about death – it’s about life.